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Launch it right. Now.Auxilin is an open-source, production-ready starter kit for building SaaS products at a warp speed. We save development time and allow you to focus on the nitty gritty of the idea.
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What is in the box? 📦We have helped to launch 🚀 and grow over 20 products which is used by over 500k users. We packaged over 5 years of experience and automated a lot of routine work to help you launch quicker, avoid many mistakes and succeed.
Product Strategy & Launch. We help you to choose tested technologies, validate your idea and prepare it for a successful launch. Talk to us.
Landing Site. Auxiline comes with pre-built landing website, which you can customize according to your business needs and deploy today.
Drop in Subscription Management. Connect your Stripe account, set plans pricing and start charging your clients — we will do the rest (subscription UI, payment receipts, plan updates).
User management, authentication and authorization. Sign up, sign in, forgot password including pre-built email templates.
Easy deployment. You can deploy your application in 2 minutes. Every application component is a Docker container, which allow you to set up deployment to any cloud environment, including Amazon, Google Cloud, Azure and Digital Ocean.
Continuous integration. We removed all manual work for shipping your application from the code to staging to production.
Application monitoring and alerting. Auxilin comes with build it application monitor, so you always know that your SaaS is working and customers are happy.
Simple project management. We documented simple project management process we use yourself, so you have something to start from.
From developers with ❤️. We keep Auxilin stupidly simple, so anyone could easily understand it, while make sure it is ready to scale with your business needs.
Node.JS REST Api Starter. Our REST Api starter is power, yet very simple. It allows to keep domain entities loosely coupled, by using reactive domain services. We also pre-configured basic things, such as logging, authenticaion, emails, validation and database service layer. Github.
React.JS App Starter. An ideal starting point for the most React.JS frontend applications, based on wonderful open source technologies: Webpack, React/Redux, Postcss. Github.
Future updates. We constantly work on Auxilin and keep improving it all the time. We use Auxilin to build all our products.
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